WATFLY ATLAS – Safe. Electric. Easy to fly. Free of runways.

Flight isn’t about following tradition. It should inspire you. It should bring you surprising, beautiful experiences and a feeling of freedom. Atlas is certified as an Ultralight Air Vehicle, meaning you do not need a pilot license to fly it, just our tailored training course. Atlas can also take-off and land vertically, meaning you do not need runways, just final destinations.

WatFly is a Canadian startup working on EVTOL technologies to bring flying cars to market. Their Atlas is a one-person electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Right now in the model and prototype-stages, it could be the first recreational aircraft to hit market.

Four rotors, as quiet as 87 dBA from 15 meters away, powered by a wing integrated battery pack will provide up to 60 minutes of thrill-filled flight. “There is no sportier way of achieving that feeling of perfect freedom,” says the company. The Atlas can reach 200 km/h (125 mph) and carry about 250 lbs. Its battery packs recharge in two hours and it is expected to fly for an hour and hover for about 15 minutes.


The Mission Statement:

Flight is the most effective means of transportation. That is why the President flies around in a helicopter, celebrities in private jets, and why critical patients are flown in air ambulances. Still, personal flight remains a luxury, and for the rest of us, transportation means roads and soul-crushing traffic.

To democratize flight, we need flying cars. That is, an aircraft that is similar to a car: affordable to most, as easy to pilot as cars are to drive, as safe as commercial air travel, and with convenient, practical use. Said aircraft would eliminate aviation’s existing barriers to entry, and would do to aviation, what the automobile did for personal transportation.


The company expects to launch the Atlas next year with an initial price tag of $150,000.

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