Reclaimed – The Amazing Art of Tyler Brownlee

Metal Magnate Art

Tyler Brownlee is the artist behind Metal Magnate Art, a family business located in Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island. Creating stunning sculptures from reclaimed machine parts and beautiful old growth reclaimed wood, Tyler’s motto is “From simple to stellar, we can turn your dreams into steel.”

Although you will find some very cool steel guitars, animals and even Star Wars-themed artwork, it is the ‘Bio-Mech Fish’  that made the artist popular.

“All of our Bio-Mech fish are built to order and one of a kind and range in size from 3ft to 4ft ( 36’ to 48’“) from nose to tail,” Taylor says. “They weigh between 40lbs and 60lbs and require a custom-built crate to ship.  All custom pieces can be backlit with LEDs.

The process for a custom order requires the client to pick the species (a shark, salmon or maybe a piranha) and to discuss what type of vehicle he would like to see as part of the artwork. The parts from a specific car or motorbike are the sourced and the work begins. Prices usually start at C$2000 and can go up to $5000 or more, depending on the size, complexity and the parts that have been sourced.

A more affordable alternative is to choose from existing sculptures which Tyler posts on his website

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