Not Your Typical Houseboat

In fact – don’t call it that at all! “Our concept is completely different than anything else on the market,” says Arkup founder Nicolas Derouin. “Our livable yachts combine the best attributes of yachts, floating houses and waterfront villas, with the added benefits of being self-sufficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

Based out of Miami, the Arkup is a high-tech, solar-powered “livable yacht” that can even become a primary residence. At 75 feet long by 32 feet wide, it offers a total living space of 4,350 sqft (404 sqm) with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. It even has a 455 sqft retractable deck.

The Arkup is 100% solar-electric with a 36 kW solar panel array and up to 1,000 kWh battery bank, and rainwater is collected from the roof and purified for drinking. The home is propelled by a pair of 100 kW/ 272 hp electrical engines, offering a max. speed of 5 kts.  The Arkup can be docked at marinas, your own waterfront property, tied to mooring balls, or anchored for free in safe spots. When elevated on its hydraulic pilings, lifting the vessel out of the water completely, it is as stable as a house and protected from the action of the waves. It will even withstand Category 4 hurricanes (winds up to 155 mph (250 km/h) when lifted out of the water, protecting it from storm surges.

You can use ARKUP’S ONLINE CONFIGURATOR to customize your dream house on the water and to find out how evolutive and bespoke a livable yacht can be.

The ARKUP 75 starts at US$2,267,000 with the model shown in the pictures offered at appr. US$5,500,000 (fully furnished)

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