We’ve brought the style and performance of the finest luxury watches
within reach through unconventional applications of existing technology,
creating a superwatch that is no longer exclusively for the ultra-rich.

In horology, a tourbillon (/tʊərˈbɪljən/; French: [tuʁbijɔ̃] “whirlwind”) is an addition to the mechanics of a watch escapement to increase accuracy. … The mechanism is usually exposed on the watch’s face to showcase it. And in the real world, a Tourbillon watch is the ultimate wristwatch for any collector and a must-have/ must-show for those who truly want to showcase their wealth. It is one of the most difficult and technically impressive mechanisms in mechanical timekeeping, reserved for some of the world’s most exclusive and costly timepieces, with an average price for a reputable Swiss watch with a tourbillon complication between $75,000 – $100,000. There are models that reach or pass the million-dollar mark.  And there you go – a watch only accessible for the rich and famous. Or so you thought. A small company recently got some fame for a Crowdfunding campaign, promising a Tourbillon watch for less than $2,000! “Yeah, right, let’s just see where that ends..” – well, we just received the watch!

“The CEO and founder of S-Force LTD watches is at it again.” That’s what we heard when we looked into this too-good-to-be-true announcement, promising not only a tourbillon watch, but a tourbillion-watch with a very unique supercar design and many high-end features, for less than $2,000. Hannu Siren,  a young entrepreneur, is known for the massive “S-force” statement watches, loved by bodybuilders, MMA-, American football- and many other sports enthusiasts.


“People do not wear watches to tell time but to show their status quo and prove that who they really are”, says Siren.



Aventi, the new brand created by Siren, is attacking this for the general consumer almost unreachable timepiece at full force. The A-10, their first model, offers a tourbillon and, at a higher price point, even a full sapphire case at prices far below where these high-end components are usually offered. How can they do that? Well… let’s have a closer look …

The Case

A Lambo for your wrist. C’mon – the vaguely trapezoidal-shaped A-10 is clearly inspired by the aggressive geometric designs of the Italian supercar manufacturer. And that’s not a bad thing! This is not just a typical watch with a tourbillon. No – the A-10 offers a truly unique and modern look and comes in a variety of vibrant colours (which, again, are a bit influenced by the said company). And at 48.5mm by 55.5mm it truly makes a bold statement on your wrist. Using automotive-grade titanium (which is also used in Supercars to reduce weight and increase strength), the company even uses a very first in the industry: H-Series Cerakote, an automotive-grade ceramic coating made in the USA, is used to protect the watch while increasing impact strength and hardness. According to Siren, the sapphire crystal glass is another industry first with five layers of anti-reflective coating on the outside and inside of the glass.

Let it Glow

If you like the watch in daylight, just wait for the dark. Two stripes of 100% Swiss Super-LumiNova BGW9 Grade X1 surrounding the bezel, used in more layers than most regular watches, give the A-10 a striking and dramatic blue glow at night.

A Sapphire Case

The crown jewel of the Aventi-line is the Pure Sapphire Crystal version. Aventi claims this to be the most complex sapphire watch case ever assembled, with 68 curved and flat facets and 144 edges. Each case is made by hand from a single solid block of pure sapphire crystal in a process lasting over 100 hours.

An Asian Tourbillon

Yes, this is not a Swiss tourbillon! For our watch-enthusiasts: The Aventi A-10 uses a hand-wound Calibre 3450 Skeletonised Tourbillon Movement with double barrels, 25 Jewels and a frequency of 28,800 bhp. The Power reserve is said to be 72 hours. “We have partnered with Hong Kong-based PTS resources in conjunction with Hangzhou Watch
Co. (an ISO 9000 company) to manufacture an improved variation of the Calibre 3450
Skeletonized Tourbillon Movement,” says Siren. “Each movement is thoroughly inspected and tested for the utmost quality and accuracy.”

The Strap

Our watch came with two straps. A nice leather wristband and a carbon fibre version. According to Hannu Siren, authentic automotive carbon fibre is used and carefully stitched
into Nitrile Rubber band for ultimate strength and comfort.

So ..

We like it. We really do. Yes, this watch does not come with the big name or the prestigious Swiss-made tourbillon but it offers the fascination of this mechanical masterpiece and a striking and distinctive look at a fraction of what a Swiss tourbillon will cost you. It brings the skeletonized tourbillon watch to a far wider base of collectors than ever before and we can see many collectors who cap their spending at $15,000-20,000 per watch add this to their collection.

The price for the regular Aventi A-10 Titanium is USD 1,999. The Sapphire version is USD 4,999.







  • Cannabis delights

    great review! love the watch design and price! its just right! Bought 2 and im really exited.. i currently wear a Patek Aquanaut and i will use the Aventi for daily activities while i drive my supercars

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