Visit Car Museums. From Home.

Bringing the world’s best car collections to you. Virtually.

We have already introduced art museums that you can visit online (see here) … and now, as a precautionary measure against the further spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2,  several car manufacturers offer the same virtual visit to their museums! Either using Google Street Maps, or via their own virtual tour.

Just click on the links to visit them online:


View all exhibits in the museum virtually

View the virtual guided tour of the museum on Instagram

View the virtual guided G-Class tour on Instagram

Mercedes-Benz Museum by night on Youtube

And if you have a VR headset, Mercedes offers a number of 360-degree videos on its YouTube channel.



Explore the museum – inside & outside!

Museo Lamborghini

You can virtually wander through the halls of the museum



Petersen Automotive Museum

A tour of the pre-renovation Petersen. A nostalgic stroll through memory lane. 

A $3 livestreamed hour-long digital vault tour led by collection manager Dana Williamson.


Ferrari Museum




…and more!

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